Deck and Patio Renovations in Beaumont


As a family-owned and operated construction company, who’s been serving east and southeast Texas for more than 30 years, Elite Renovations knows a little something about home improvement. In addition to roofing, we offer service on decks and patios to make sure that your home is looking great.

Decks and patios can often become eyesores if not maintained properly, and through the years can become safety hazards due to a weakness in their foundation. When reconstructing decks or patios or completely renovating them for our customers, we take into consideration what’s desired, whether or not it’s safe, and of course the cost. Customer service is important to us and we strive to satisfy your needs.

Custom Outdoor Renovations

Before beginning a job we follow a few precautionary steps:

  • Deck/patio materials—we need to make sure all materials are satisfactory before we start, and warped or rotting wood ensure that decks and patios will not come out correctly, which is why we take the damaged materials back if necessary
  • Measurements—preparing a blueprint and taking measurements is very important as it allows us figure out how much lumber we need for the project and to what size we need to cut it down to
  • Install flashing—before beginning construction of decks and patios, we install flashing to protect the house from any flying particles or water damage while construction’s taking place

Whether it’s a simple fix or total reconstruction, Elite Renovations can assist with decks and patios and help create an outdoor family hub where you can enjoy summer barbeques or come outside to relax and maybe read a book. We’d love to hear from you, so give us a call today!