Fire Damage Restoration in Beaumont TX

Your beautiful house that you spent years putting into, that you bought with blood, sweat and tears, now lies in ruins. A fire that was accidentally ignited has now seemed to take away the place you call home. Or has it?

At Elite Renovations, we specialize in fire damage restoration. Some fires do cause permanent damage, while others cause enough to need professional help in fire damage restoration. Whether walls or floors need to be replaced or redone or areas completely renewed, we can help you get your home back. We know that losing your home to a fire is a very difficult thing to face, but where there is light there is hope. Whether you need to have ceiling replaced, walls built up, or floors completely redone, our professional team will work hand in hand with you to walk you through every move and work with you to restore the house to its original state, if not better.

Restoration is Possible!

Fire damage restoration is possible. A fire doesn’t always mean an end to your happy home. You may need to take a mini vacation while our team works on your house, but when you get back, everything will be just like new. We will clean it, remove any ash or toot and make sure there is no hazardous residue left over that can harm you or your family in the future.

Have you experienced a home fire recently? Does your home need fire damage restoration? Let us help. Elite Renovations has a team of specialists that will get the job done and all at an affordable price! Don’t hesitate any longer! Call now to get an estimate! You won’t be disappointed!