Best Gazebos in Beaumont


If you’re in the Lufkin area and you’ve been dreaming of a gazebo or pergola in your back yard then look no further than Elite Renovations to get the job done! Gazebos and pergolas add just the right amount of shade to your backyard while preserving the beauty of the landscape. We’re up-to-date with all the popular styles and ready to build you what you’ve always wanted!

Gazebos and pergolas are quite similar to one another in that they provide shade and a great space for lounging. However, they also have many differences. Primarily being that a gazebo has a closed roof whereas a pergola has an open roof. If you’re more interested in a structure that protects from the elements, then a gazebo is right for you. Pergolas are more suited for a bit of element protection with the potential to grow vines on the rafters!

Enjoy our luxury style Pergolas

Gazebos come in many styles that will accent your home and garden. For the classic image of a gazebo, checkout the Moorish style or if you want something modern try contemporary. Even lodge styles are popular right now. We’ll even help you create and design your own custom gazebo that fits you and your home perfectly.

Pergolas come in all shapes and styles. We’ve got Roman styles for people who adore columns and grape vines, faux timber pergolas that would beautifully accentuate any log home, and even the classic four post pergola! Have something else in mind entirely or want a winterized pergola? We’ll make your dreams a reality!

Gazebos and pergolas add much needed shade to any yard and create a special space for enjoying your yard. Make a shady haven for reading books or create an open and ethereal covering ideal for growing vines. Whatever you’re thinking of, we want to help transform your backyard. Simply call us to get an estimate!