Beaumont's Best Home Theaters

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Elite Renovations takes it a step further with our construction services. We understand that it’s other special construction services that are of much importance to our customers. We also offer unique, specialized home theaters. As always, our goal is to provide quality service and with home theaters, it’s no difference!

Are you thinking about turning that room in the basement into a new and improved home theater? Our home theaters are uniquely constructed with you in mind. We here at Elite Renovations are family owned and operated and recognize how important family time is. An upgrade like this will assure you many precious moments with your family!

Enjoy Your Own Personal Theater

A home theater can be a great addition to your home. We consult with you before the remodeling to understand what you want to get out of it. When remodeling a room for a home theater, there is also a few significant things that we look at before we start which includes:

  • Location
  • Frame and Insulation
  • Pre-Wiring Surround Sound

Although location and insulation are extremely important, sound is usually the customer’s number one topic. By all means, it is a theater correct! During the process, Elite Renovations staff will ask you what type of surround sound you will like and how many speakers you choose to have. These are factors that will make your experience more enjoyable once the remodeling is done for your new home theater. We have you in mind!

Whether you want to have nice Friday nights with your children or cuddled up with your spouse on that cold Sunday afternoon, a home theater will be a great addition to your home. Count on us here at Elite Renovations to bring you that remodeled home theater! Contact us and let’s get it started today!