Mold and Asbestos Removal in Beaumont area

Mold and Asbestos removal is more than just cleaning up the affected areas. At Elite Renovations, we take pride in providing exceptional services, following strict guidelines to ensure complete removal of mold and asbestos while preventing future contamination. Whether your problem is mold, asbestos, or both, ABCO will be there for the removal.


Before the problem can be resolved, it first needs to be evaluated. In some cases, contamination can occur behind walls or under insulation where it can’t be seen. Having a professional evaluation done is the first step in remedying the problem. The evaluation can be completed by either an environmental specialist or inspector. This is an extremely important part of the process and should not be ignored in order to completely identify the extent of the problem.


Specifically with asbestos, preparation is important. This step involves setting up an enclosure with plastic sheeting to seal up doors, windows, and vents to prevent the spreading of asbestos fibers. For mold, preventing ventilation is also important to stop mold spores from spreading through the house and contaminating a new area.


Once all of the problem areas have been located, the mold and asbestos can be removed. This is an important part of the process as proper containment is necessary to help prevent further contamination. Removal should be done in a manner that will prevent the disturbance of hazardous material, preventing the possibility of spreading. The removal of mold can be done several different ways. This would include wire brushing or wet washing. After the affected area is cleaned, there may need to be an application of biocides to help prevent any further contamination. In some circumstances, infected materials, such as drywall, may need to be removed in order to ensure complete removal of mold.