Roofing Contractors in Beaumont


Most modern roofs in use today are a combination of asphalt and fiberglass shingles. While some roofs may be covered with tar—especially smaller, level roofs—rubber seals are quickly becoming a popular roofing option. While wood or metal roofs can be costly, requiring professional installation and more expensive equipment, both have seen increasing popularity in recent years due to a wider societal goal to live green, using recyclable materials that require less maintenance and waste byproduct.

The fire-resistant nature of metal is another reason it makes it a wise choice for roofing material. The lightweight sheets reflect sunlight, allowing for lower A/C bills in the summer and even giving roof-installed solar panels an extra boost in power. A downside to metal roofing, however, is that it can make any modifications or additions to the house more difficult to accomplish, especially due to the required installation by trained experts.

Professional Roof Installations

Choosing the right underlayment material for your home is just as important as choosing the exposed roofing material. Underlayment is the waterproof, heat-resistant sheet that covers any seams, cracks, or crevices in the exposed materials used to construct the roof’s frame, while also providing a smooth, consistent adhesive surface for roofing tiles or other materials in use. The traditional underlayment material in the United States was once asphalt-coated construction paper, but this has been replaced with many different options. Rubber sheets can be made of either synthetic or organic rubber, allowing a homeowner to choose between sustainability or optimizing cost, and such variety is especially important with this mandatory building material.

Fiberglass underlayment material can be more difficult to handle, but will provide great additional insulation to the home, reducing heating bills further than would have been possible with rubber underlayment. Providing options to homeowners is an especially important part of a contractor’s work when offering roofing construction and repair, and the industry has recognized this need and provided this wide range of roofing materials to suit the consumer’s need while keeping everyone’s head dry!