Beaumont's Best Roof Damage Repair


Repairing your roof after a storm can be overwhelming. That’s why Elite Renovations is here to support you! We give free assessments of the damage and work closely with you to fulfill your needs.

Even a small leak can cause long-term, catastrophic damage to your business or home. Leaking can destroy the timber and cause structural problems to your ceilings, walls, floors, and valuable contents of your property. Accumulation of mold can wear down the building and affect your loved ones’ health. Your roof is the most important part of your business or home. It is essential to get storm damage roof repair to protect your property and maintain its value.

Storms Hate Us

We understand that hurricane or severe storms are not only financially but emotionally taxing. At Elite Renovations, we care about you! We are a family-run business that has been doing storm damage roof repair for over 35 years. General builders are often inexperienced with roofing and offer quick fixes that will cause problems in the future, making you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars later on. We take pride in exceptional service and caring for your home, not just collecting your money. Elite Renovations offers a 5 year warranty and competitive prices. You can trust us to offer a professional assessment of your storm damaged roof and give you peace of mind. Check out our Past Project photos to see the quality of our craftsmanship! We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, as our previous clients have.

Your roof does not just protect your property. It protects your family, your loved ones, and your valued employees. Quality workmanship is especially important when repairing damage to a roof that has suffered from major calamity. Call us today so we can provide storm damage roof repair now and minimize expensive repairs in the future!