Wine Cellar Installation in Beaumont


Elite Renovations may sound like a rough and tumble kind of name, but we want to bring a little finery to the Lufkin area. Who doesn’t enjoy a great wine? No matter the age or vineyard, even the best wine won’t last forever in the fridge or in the pantry. If you’re the kind of wine enthusiast who keeps more bottles than you can drink, let us help you with storing your wine. With a wine cellar by us you’ll have a storage space meant to preserve the integrity of your wine.

Preserve Your Stock In Your Own Cellar

Why put a wine cellar in your home? If you love collecting wine then you know how painful it can be when a vintage you’ve been looking forward to has been ruined by poor storage conditions! Wine cellars provide the protection wine needs to age without being harmed by external forces.

Keep your wine at a constant temperature and darkness within your very own cellar to insure it’s quality will last and last!

A wine cellar won’t just store your wine. Wine cellars enhance the overall beauty of your home and offer an elegant showcase of your prized wines. We can help you build a custom wine cellar that will fit the flow and style of your home. We’re wine enthusiasts ourselves and have studied up on wine storage science. What’s the point of a wine cellar if it doesn’t allow your wine to age to perfection in the comfort of your home?

Never worry about a bottle turning to vinegar again with a custom wine cellar. We want to help you reach your dream of having your own home cellar. Whether you’re looking for practicality, functionality, or customizable options, we’ll create the exact wine cellar you’re looking for. Our wine cellars come in whatever shape, size, or style you want.

Simply call us for an estimate and we’ll get your dream started!